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Torrents Fish Wholesalers was founded in 1908 by Emilia Carbonell Pages with a small fish shop at the Mercat de Sant Pere at Terrassa. The fish used to be preserved in salt since there weren’t any available resources keep it cool with ice.

In 1920 Padrós Dolors Carbonell joined the market stall, and thirty years later Martí Torrents eventually did too. Still, the growth came from the hand of the business implementation at various malls and the eighties retail start. At that moment, and once the transition had been made from salt to ice, Torrents Fish Wholesalers started to specialize in the artisan preparation of cuttlefish, which is currently imported from Morocco.

Torrents Wholesalers of Fish has eleven establishments distributed by Terrassa, Matadepera, Sant Cugat del Vallès and Barcelona. All of them inaugurated in recent years. And as a novelty, the wholesale sale has been incorporated for professionals and individuals in the same central store at Bosch and Gimpera, 57 Street, Terrassa.

The professionalism -the result of over a centuries experience on the fish field- and quality of our products, both fresh and frozen, support our service. On the other hand, the constant relationship we maintain with our suppliers, always to get the highest quality, consistency and regularity of supply is the basis for satisfying our customers.

Torrents always receives selected products from Spain’s main ports, Vigo, La Coruña, San Sebastian, Roses, Palamos, Tarragona and many other imports.

The last 10 years the company has experienced growth with the opening of new outlets and specialization cuttlefish high quality 100% imported from Morocco.


from the beginning



  • New warehouse
  • Processing point
  • Cold storage

New outlets opening in Terrassa at Avenida Jacquard, 80 and at Rambla d'Egara, and we've moved into the new central storehouse in Terrassa at the Industrial Santa Margarita at Bosch i Gimpera Street, 57.

new markets

  • Elaboration
  • Quality
  • Logistics

We acquire new refrigerated transport vehicles for better distribution of our products. Our technological development allows us to export to European countries like Italy, France and Germany products such as cuttlefish and octopus maintaining fish quality thanks to the best preparation and processing.


  • Retailers
  • Proximity
  • Matadepera
  • Terrassa
  • Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • Barcelona

Torrents Wholesalers of Fish has eleven stores spread across Terrassa, Matadepera, Sant Cugat del Vallès and Barcelona. All of them opened in recent years.

Morocco's sepia

  • Specialization
  • Import
  • Malls

Business expansion with new fish shop points in malls and sepia specialization with the best quality being imported from Morocco.


  • Distribution
  • Retailer
  • Wholesale

The ice, which replaced the salt, had been essential for the best and optimum fish conservation. Wholesale at the storehouse in Menendez y Pelayo street in Terrassa, which allowed us to offer a wider range of seafood products proximity.


  • Market
  • Fish
  • Preserves

Emilia Carbonell Pages started selling the fish preserved with salt. These were our beginnings with the first establishment at Terrassa's Independence Market.

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