Aquaculture, White fish


From the sea to the grill

Family of pleuronectiformes

The sole (Solea vulgaris) is listed as one of the better quality fish. It lives in the Atlantic, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and can be also found in the Mediterranean sea. It’s a difficult fish to catch because they spend their entire lives in the ocean camouflaged in the sand and mud to prevent the attack from its predators.

Its most curious feature is its ability to change color to suit its surroundings. And even though the sole is not characterized by its high protein, the few that has enjoy a high biological value.

The sole, besides being one of the favorite smaller thanks to its mild flavor fish, has another advantage: their spines are removed very easily. Thus, we can safely assume that never find thorns on a bite of this delicious fish.

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  • Category :

    Aquaculture, White fish

  • Date :

    Jul . 11 . 2015

  • Nutritional information :

    81 calories in 100g

  • Fats :

    1,5g in 100g

  • Proteins :

    Vitamins B3, B9, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iodine

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