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At Torrents Padròs we work with optimal quality controls and food safety, while meeting a rigorous self-control in all our both business processes and administrative to ensure total environmental sustainability and care for the environment, and so at the same time ensuring a fish and seafood, fresh and frozen quality.

Our renowned providers worldwide deploy systems and fishing production aimed at satisfying the needs of our customers. All of them are enrolled in the General Food Health Register regulated by Royal Decree 1712/1991 in order to protect the health of all.

4 markets that we targeted:


We offer our wide range of products to the retailers to offer to a demanding consumer. They are involved from neighborhood stores to municipal markets, thus achieving adequate fidelity to our good service.

We take care of every detail so that our customers fishmongers who receive service fresh fish every day, and always maintaining the highest quality.


We made a great logistic service to meet the demands of markets, exporting our products always respecting the cold chain and assuring the client the freshness of our genre thanks to our strong technological capabilities that we have in our central facilities.


Prestigious restaurants and hotels have their dishes a range of possibilities to enjoy the full warranty.

At Torrents Padròs  you can place your order by phone 24 hours a day and you serve it the next morning.
Giving service in the hospitality industry and communities, we offer the best quality fresh fish and seafood as well as a wide variety of frozen products, seafood, fish, vegetables, precooked and others.


Feeding centers hypermarkets, supermarkets, etc., are supplied by our distribution service that always gets everything they need.

The fish is handled according to customer needs, sanded, the casing is removed, filleted, cut into slices and at no extra cost. Our company is characterized by developing one of the best cuttlefish market. That’s why we got a high quality product highly valued by our customers.
We also manufacture ice laminate suitable for food consumption.

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